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At Break Into TV we teach the skills you need to be successful on-air as a TV host, news reporter or even a weather anchor.  In our classes, you’ll get in front of industry professionals including top agents, managers, hosts and producers.  Across-the-board training with teleprompter, ad-libbing, interviewing, and voice delivery will get you ready to record a demo reel and land a job in TV.
Monthly Classes - $200/Month


Wednesday nights, 7:30-10pm

Every week we train on skills needed to be a great TV talent: teleprompter, ad-libbing, interviewing, red carpet, co-hosting, live reporting, writing for TV and the business side of entertainment television.

* Class size is limited to 10 people. 

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Weekend Intensive - $400


​*Record a free demo reel

Train for two straight days on:

* Teleprompter

* Ad-libbing

* Voice delivery

* Co-hosting

* Red Carpet

* Writing Copy

* Live Reporting

* Finding and landing agents and managers

* Finding and landing TV jobs


* Class size is limited to 10 people.

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Private Coaching - $125/Hour


Call to schedule:  424-235-3404

* Ask about special private coaching packages!

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